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After more than 7 years in the field of online sales for Hörmann products, it was time to redesign our online shop for our customers. Since May 2018 our shop has a new design. In addition, you as a customer will benefit from the following innovations:

  • Same day shipping for orders before 14:00 (CEST)
  • Only 3 short steps to place an order
  • Clear menu guidance
  • New sales category with current Hörmann special offers
  • Change the shop language between German and English
  • great new Hörmann products from 2018


Your Hörmann Online-shop - Garage Door Openers - Swing / Sliding Gate Openers - Remote Controls and Replacement Parts easily ordered online!

We are a specialist dealer for Hörmann door and gate operators, accessories, and spare parts. You can simply and conveniently order your matching Hörmann product at low prices in your Hörmann Online Store powered by Torshop-24. Almost all items are immediately available.  Plus what's even better ... all orders received by 14:00 (CEST) will be shipped out on the same day at no extra cost.

Hörmann Quality readily available online

The new Hörmann garage door openers ProMatic, SupraMatic E, and SupraMatic P now feature economical LED lighting. The operator consumes less power, but the bulb remains interchangeable. The ProMatic 3 series has been produced with LED lamps since April 2017.The SupraMatic E and P series since May 2017.

Hörmann stands for quality "made in Germany". As a Hörmann dealer, we only offer Made in Germany quality regarding everything about garage doors. Our      product range extends from garage door openers to the garage doors themselves, on to the swing gate and sliding gate operators. Also various accessories and replacement parts from Hörmann can be ordered immediately online. Here at TORSHOP-24 you can buy Hörmann products conveniently and cheaply from home. If you have any questions, our expert team will be happy to answer your questions.



A Garage Door Opener from the House of Hörmann

Openers and Operators from Hörmann stand for high quality combined with the latest technology. Above all, the new Series 3 door openers and gate operators with the patented BiSecur technology ensure greater safety and maximum ease of use. Thanks to the toothed belt, Hörmann garage door openers are very quiet, clean and reliable. The model range extends from the ProMatic to the SupraMatic E up to the powerful SupraMatic P. Depending on the dimensions and weight of your door, the right door opener for your needs can be found here. All three models come with a 5-year warranty from the manufacturer and can be installed quickly and easily thanks to the instructions provided.


If you have decided to purchase a Hörmann brand garage door opener, then pay attention to the different rail lengths. Depending on the door height / movement depth you'll need either the K-rail, the M-rail, or the L-rail.

For garages without electricity, the manufacturer offers a special solution here. With the ProMatic rechargeable battery, you can open your garage door electrically even without a power connection. In addition, this electric gate opener can also be equipped with a Solar module, thus providing itself with electricity through solar energy.

Buy your Hörmann garage door opener today in our online shop and get the best of our low prices!


EcoStar operator made by hörmann


In addition to the popular specialist market products, Hörmann offers the EcoStar brand a low-cost entry into the automation of garage doors. These are called Liftronic garage door operators and are divided into three different powerful engines. There are the EcoStar Liftronic 500 for small, lighter garage doors, the EcoStar Liftronic 700 for medium-sized doors, and the EcoStar Liftronic 800 for larger doors. Which drive is suitable for your application can be found in the product description.

In addition to the garage door drive, EcoStar also offers a number of accessories such as additional hand-held transmitters, an internal push-button or a wireless code switch. It must be ensured that Ecostar 433 MHz drives have a different radio frequency than conventional Hörmann door drives. Therefore, it is important to always buy the radio accessories from Ecostar.


RotaMatic swing gate opener

The Hörmann company stands for very high-quality and durable swing gate operators. Thanks to BiSecur technology, the new Series 3 drives are still very safe, as this patented radio system is virtually impossible to decode. The swing gate operators RotaMatic 1 flg. Are suitable for courtyard gates with one wing. The RotaMatic 2 flg. Drives are suitable for entrance gates with two leafs. Depending on the size and weight of your swing gate, there are different model variants of each swing gate operator. The RotaMatic is the entry-level model for smaller and lighter goals up to a gate weight of 220 kg per gate. The Hörmann RotaMatic P is suitable for medium-sized goals and for a sash weight of up to 400 kg. The most powerful swing gate operator from Hörmann is the RotaMatic PL. He can move swing gates up to a wing width of 4 m.

All models are additionally available with a closing edge safety device. The RotaMatic SK models also include a light barrier and a signal light.

Your Hörmann swing gate operator can be found immediately and at low internet prices at


Hörmann LineaMatic opens your sliding gate

At the push of a button, the farm gate can be easily opened from the car, which is made possible by Hörmann sliding gate operators. The drives automatically open and close your sliding gate via the new BiSecur radio from Hörmann. The high reliability of the LineaMatic sliding gate operators is further clarified by a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years. Additional security is provided by the closing edge safety device of the SK Modellvarainten. Thanks to the light barrier and warning light, the sliding gate operator is immediately notified of an obstacle and gives a warning signal.

The gate openers are available in different versions. Depending on the door size and door weight, you can choose between the LineaMatic, the LineaMatic P and the LineaMatic H. Order your Hörmann sliding gate operator today in the online shop and get the short delivery times and low prices from torshop-24

Incidentally, you will also find suitable accessories for sliding gate operators such as racks or mounting material.

 Hörmann remote for operating your garage door

To open your garage door comfortably with the push of a button, you need the right remote control. For this you have on our site a lot of selection of different garage opener. But what should be considered?

The most important thing when choosing a remote control is that the manufacturer and frequency match your garage door opener.

There are radio transmitters from different manufacturers, in different models and in different frequencies. For example, on Torshop-24 you will find all radio remote controls for a Hörmann door operator with the frequencies 868 MHz, 433 MHz, 26 MHz, 40 MHz. Hörmann garage openers have different key colors, so you can quickly recognize the frequency.

Depending on how many goals you want to operate, there are wireless hand transmitters with a different number of buttons. The following list shows the meaning of channels in a remote control.

1-button = 1-channel = 1-command = can control a door drive
2-buttons = 2-channel = 2-command = can control up to two different door drives
3-button = 3-channel = 3-command = can control up to three different door drives
4-button = 4-channel = 4-command = can control up to four different door drives

But if you are more into color and a sophisticated design, then the new handheld transmitters with 868 MHz BS Series 3 from Hörmann are the perfect choice. Whether a dull black or a bright yellow, here you will find everything. Of course, the safety of the radio opener was not left out. With the new BiSecur (BS) technology, the signal transmission between the wireless transmitter and the garage door is safer. The hand-held transmitter can not only handle the new Series 3, but also the Series 2. With BiSecur you can conveniently check the status of your garage from home.

Funk garage door opener is not only for the keychain or the trouser pocket but also for the cigar lighter in the car.

Whether big or small, round or colorful, see for yourself and browse our online site for your right radio transmitter.