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Hörmann Garage Door Opener SupraMatic P 4 with K-Rails

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Hörmann SupraMatic P 4 BiSecur garage door operator including K-rail and hand transmitter The... more

Hörmann SupraMatic P 4 BiSecur garage door operator including K-rail and hand transmitter

The new SupraMatic P Series 4 garage door opener comes with many new functions. It is up to 75% faster than a ProMatic 3 and has a standby consumption of less than 1 watt. The energy-efficient LED lighting ensures uniform illumination in the garage. The ventilation position is now also possible without connecting an additional light barrier. In addition to the proven BiSecur technology of the SupraMatic 3, the Hörmann SupraMatic 4 also has the new BlueSecur technology. This enables the drive to be operated via smartphone. The Bluetooth receiver, which can be switched on and off, is already integrated, so that no additional module has to be purchased. The new Hörmann garage door operator SupraMatic 4 is faster, more energy efficient and smarter than its predecessor.

The special feature of the SupraMatic P is the running direction display of the LED bar.

Garage door operator SupraMatic P Series 4 with useful functions for everyday life

Starting with the partial opening, also called the ventilation position, the SupraMatic P Series 4 offers the possibility to open the garage door only a little bit to ventilate the garage. This function is particularly suitable in times of highly insulated houses or when driving into the garage with a snow-laden vehicle.

The status query on the HS 5 BS handheld transmitter (not included in the scope of delivery) enables you to check at the push of a button whether your garage door is closed or still open. The two-color LED shows the status. If the LED on the handheld transmitter lights up red, then your garage door is still open. If it lights up green, the gate is closed.

The emergency release from the inside enables the gate to be opened even in the event of a power failure. For garages without a second access, you also need one of the Hörmann emergency releases for unlocking from the outside.

The Hörmann garage door opener SupraMatic P 4 BiSecur is safe and attractive at the same time

Hörmann door operators are safer thanks to the push-open protection. If the door is closed, the push-open device automatically snaps into the stop of the guide rail. The gate is immediately locked and protected against being pried open. Since it is a purely mechanical interlock, this burglary protection is fully functional even in the event of a power failure.

The drive hood in brushed aluminum also gives the electric garage door operator a very elegant look.

Hörmann BlueSecur technology and HCP2 bus connection for a smart garage door operator

The Hörmann SupraMatic 4 already has an integrated Bluetooth receiver that turns your smartphone into a handheld transmitter. You can also switch the so-called BlueSecur technology on and off.

Additional devices such as Hörmann HKSI / HKSA climate and humidity sensors can be connected via the HCP2 connection. This enables smart control of your garage door.

Included in the package:

  • SupraMatic P Series 4 motor
  • 4-button hand transmitter HSE 4 BiSecur 868 MHz (matt black)
  • Integrated bi-directional 5-channel receiver BiSecur (868 MHz)
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver BlueSecur
  • Operate quick release from the inside
  • K-rail FS 2 pre-assembled (2 parts) - 3045 mm rail length, 3200 mm total length
  • Connection cable with Euro plug
  • Universal fitting for up-and-over and sectional doors
  • Assembly and fastening material
  • Installation instructions with circuit diagram


  • Partial opening (ventilation position)
  • Integrated Bluetooth receiver, for control via smartphone
  • Bluetooth receiver can be switched on / off
  • Connection option for additional Bluetooth antenna
  • HCP interface for connecting accessories or external smart home systems
  • Door status query via hand transmitter (this requires separately available HS 5 BS hand transmitter)
  • LED lighting
  • Door movement signaled by LED in the direction of travel
  • up to 75% faster than the ProMatic 3
  • Gentle start-up and gentle stop that save the door
  • Adjustable, integrated garage lighting, preset 1 minute
  • Gate slide-open protection for increased burglar resistance
  • Automatic obstacle detection for increased safety
  • Stopping time after activation 30-180 seconds
  • Fast opening speed (25 cm / second)
  • Maintenance-free tooth belt
  • Adjustable automatic closing
  • 5-year manufacturer's guarantee (guarantee conditions)

Technical information:

  • Max. door width: up to max. 6000 mm
  • Max door area: up to max. 15.00 m²
  • Tensile and compressive force: up to 750 N.
  • Peak force: up to 1000 N.
  • Opening speed: max. 25 cm / s
  • Motor 24 V DC gear motor
  • Mains connection 230 V - 240 V AC
  • Power consumption 0.2 KW
  • Standby <1 watt
  • Double 7 segment display
  • For max. 50 door cycles (open / close) per day
  • Suitable for max. Door height 2500 mm for up-and-over doors and Berry gates
  • Suitable for max. Door height 2250 mm for sectional doors with torsion spring at the top front
  • Suitable for max. Door height 2125 mm for sectional doors with springs on the side or rear top

Additional Information:

  • For use only in the private sector
  • Not for wicket doors (i.e. pass door, door-in-door)
  • For dry rooms only
  • Temperature range from -20 ° C to +60 ° C

K-rail, M-rail or L-rail? Which rail do I need for my garage door?

You choose the right rail based on your door height. You can find out which rail is the right one for your garage door here.


Hörmann series 3 and 4 garage door operators only work with Hörmann BiSecur 868 MHz hand transmitters. Old handheld transmitter models cannot be used even if they have 868 MHz

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